Tuition Waivers & Discounts

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We offer several tuition waivers and discount programs that help defray the cost of tuition for specific populations of students at the UNH College of Professional Studies.

Since 2016 for NH Community College Grads

During the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Our Waivers and Discounts

Beyond military benefits you have earned, we do our part to help make your education more affordable, too. Our Military Discount is automatically applied to your tuition bill after we process the TA benefit. As long as you are eligible for TA funding, we will offer the discount for the entirety of your program, regardless of whether or not you reach the TA annual limit (16 credits or $4,500).

  • Associate & Bachelor’s Degrees
    We offer a reduced per-credit tuition cost for all Active Service members, regardless of residency status. This discount matches the benefit provided through the DoD Tuition Assistance (TA) program, so direct tuition costs are eliminated, leaving just fees and course materials.
  • Master’s Degrees
    Active Service members will receive a 15% tuition discount off the graduate tuition rate. This discount is calculated before the approved DoD Tuition Assistance payment is applied to your tuition bill.

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The UNH College of Professional Studies is proud to offer a tuition savings opportunity to support military families.

  • We offer a 15% tuition discount to military spouses admitted into an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, as well as our graduate certificate programs.
  • Available for spouses of Active Duty, National Guard, and Reservist service members.

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Master’s Degrees

Graduates of our bachelor’s degree programs (including College of Lifelong Learning, Granite State College, and UNH College of Professional Studies) are eligible for a 10% tuition discount when they apply for and are accepted into one of the following master’s degree programs:

Students who are accepted into one of our graduate certificate programs or returning for a second master’s degree are also eligible.

If you have any questions concerning how the charges will be reflected on your bill, please contact our Student Accounts Office.

It is also the intention of the College to evaluate whether we can retain this 10% alumni discount as a regular, ongoing offering and benefit to graduates of our bachelor’s degree programs. We reserve the right to adjust base charges for tuition and fees for each new academic year; however, it will remain the intent of the College to sustain the 10% discount against any approved charge to tuition rates for that year. Any changes will be announced as far in advance as possible; however, our course charges, fees, and regulations are subject to change without notice.

Offer valid through the 2025 Spring Term.

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The M.S. in Instruction and Leadership Tuition Discount is available to alumni of our Post-Baccalaureate teacher certification programs. If you have any questions concerning how the charges will be reflected on your bill, please contact our Student Accounts Office.

Offer valid through the 2025 Spring Term.

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The tuition waiver program is available to students serving in the New Hampshire Air and Army National Guard. New Hampshire National Guard Waivers are for tuition costs only on a space-available basis which means that a seat is available in a course without excluding paying students.

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New student registrations with workplace training from the following organizations will have the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) fee waived for these trainings reflected on the official transcript:

  • NH Fire Standards and Training
  • NH Police Standards and Training
  • NH Association of Counties
  • National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians


  • For newly admitted undergraduate students
  • Must meet all admission criteria (full or conditional) and deadlines
  • Official transcripts must be provided directly to the College from the appropriate agency by term’s Tuition and Fees Payment deadline.

    Offer valid through the 2025 Spring Term.

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    We participate in the Post-9/11 GI Bill® Yellow Ribbon Program. If your tuition and fees as a nonresident student exceed the benefit provided under the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, we can make additional funds available for your education without an additional charge to your GI Bill® entitlement. This program is only available to veterans entitled to the maximum benefit rate, or their designated transferees. Active duty service members and their spouses are not eligible for this program.

    UNH College of Professional Studies is approved by the NHSAA Office to administrate VA Educational Benefits for eligible students. The VA makes eligibility determinations and students that believe they may be eligible for benefits under the GI Bill® should seek determination from the VA. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website.

    Our RN to BSN Tuition Waiver is available to New Hampshire’s community college graduates who reside in New Hampshire. Eligible students pay the same affordable CCSNH tuition per credit for all courses in the RN to BSN program.

    The waiver amount will be updated each term to reflect any changes in the CCSNH rate. If you have any questions on how the charges will be reflected on your bill, please contact our Student Accounts Office.

    New Hampshire residents who are age 65 or older and are not enrolled in a degree program are eligible to take a maximum of two credit-bearing courses per academic year tuition-free. Students are responsible for all other costs of attendance, including fees. Prospective students who will be age 65 or older as of the first day of the semester or term in which they wish to take a course may register on a space-available basis and must provide proof of age and New Hampshire residency.

    Non-credit courses, workshops, etc. are not covered by this tuition waiver. As these courses are intended for personal interest and fulfillment, courses taken under this program are not applicable toward a degree at UNH College of Professional Studies.

    The Tuition Waiver for Foster Children provides tuition and fee waivers for up to 20 eligible foster children. To be eligible, the student must:

    • Be a New Hampshire resident
    • Be less than 23 years old
    • Be enrolled full-time at a two- or four-year New Hampshire public institution leading to a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree
    • Have a valid FAFSA

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    Our Military and Veterans Benefits Coordinator/School Certifying Official will ensure that you are enrolled and certified for courses that meet degree requirements, and help you receive timely payment of your benefits. Learn more about the education benefits programs that can help fund your college education.

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