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Our Net Price Calculator helps you plan for the cost of full-time undergraduate enrollment.

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About the Net Price Calculator

The criteria for the Net Price Calculator, which is mandated by federal law, are the average annual cost of attending and the gift-aid (grants and scholarships) awarded to first-time, full-time students only. This calculator does not factor in Federal Work Study and Federal Student Loan funds that may also assist with the cost of your education.

We do not have sufficient data for first-time, full-time students since our current student population consists of mostly transfer and/or returning students.

To make this federal template for the Net Price Calculator more robust, we have used the past three years of gift aid awarded to our first-time, full-time students. We have limited data for first-time, full-time, non-resident students living with or without parent. Therefore, the net prices provided for non-resident categories in this calculator are not reliable estimates.

All students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for a better understanding of the availability of financial assistance.