Enrollment Verification, Inactivation, & Withdrawal

Enrollment Verification

The UNH College of Professional Studies sends enrollment data for each term to the National Student Clearinghouse soon after the standard drop date. You may also obtain instant enrollment verifications five business days after the terms standard drop date by signing in to your Webcat account, selecting Registration, Enrollment Verification, and following the link to the National Student Clearinghouse website.

You may print a certificate of enrollment that you can send to your health insurers and credit issuers. You can view any electronic notification forms that the Clearinghouse has sent to your lenders, servicers, and guarantors, and may also link to real time student loan information to determine outstanding balances and when your next payment is due.

Inactivation and Withdrawal

UNH CPS monitors the progress of degree candidates. If a student is not actively involved in a degree program for three consecutive terms, s/he will be inactivated. You may voluntarily withdraw from a degree program by notifying UNH CPS in writing: when you request to withdraw from a degree program, you will be considered inactive.