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We're Here to Support Your Career Goals

At the UNH College of Professional Studies, we're focused on supporting adult students like you. We are very motivated to make sure that you get an education that will work for you and provide opportunities for your personal and professional growth. Our student community includes adults at every stage of career development and our team is prepared to meet you where you are on your personal career path. Whether you are a career launcher (just starting your career), changer (looking to change industries or professions), or advancer (seeking to advance or modernize your skills), everyone can benefit from individualized career planning.

Exploratory Advising

Exploratory advising is a process that focuses on cross-curricular academic advising, career assessment, and guided exploration of major options. If you're new to UNH CPS and would like to meet with our Academic Advisor and Career Specialist, call us at  (855) 472-4255 or Schedule an Appointment.



Career and Professional Success (CaPS)

The best time to start planning your career is right now. You'll find that we provide support and guidance to make your per­sonal goals a reality. Our expert team at UNH Career and Professional Success (CaPS) will guide you through a step-by-step process to learn more about your unique goals and connect them to tangible career milestones. We’ll introduce you to some free online career planning tools. Together, we can use the results in a one-on-one career counseling session to help you determine the right educational path and develop a personalized career action plan.

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Internships, Practicums, and Capstones

At the College of Professional Studies, our community is comprised of working adult students so we design our degree programs to integrate with your career and goals. There are several types of courses at the College that incorporate work experience. Current students work with their faculty member and advisor to determine the best option for their unique goals.

The most common types of opportunities you’ll encounter include:


During internships, students work at a company, school, agency, or organization on an assignment or project that lasts up to an academic term in duration.


Similar to an internship, a practicum is a course that requires both classroom time and several hours of work in the field at a company, school, agency, or organization.

Integrative Capstones

This is the final course students take in their degree program. The coursework integrates the concepts, outcomes, and knowledge gained throughout the duration of the degree program, with a culminating project, research, or internship experience that demonstrates what the student has learned.


Career Development Course

Career Development and Planning (APST 505) is a two-credit course, appropriate for all degree programs, address the particular concerns of adults at various stages of career development. Students will discover the conditions that guide career planning decision and give shape to individual careers. Topics covered include career and interest assessments, job search skills, resume and cover letter development, interview preparation, networking, and more. To register for this course, ask your advisor or consult the course to see when it’s offered next.

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Success Stories

No matter your career stage, everyone can benefit from career advising!

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"Before working with Career Services, I figured my resume was fine. It just wasn’t great. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there were things I could do to make immediate improvements that I have since applied to my resume!"


Lyndele at graduation

"Four months following graduation, I was hired as a Director of Diversity & Inclusion. This was a HUGE career bump for me. More importantly, I’m doing exactly what I envisioned myself doing when I started my program."