Managing Costs

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Explore these opportunities to help you manage college costs.

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Monthly Payment Plans

We offer a monthly payment option at a nominal cost. Our interest-free plan allows you to make payments in monthly installments for the semester. Payment Plan links will appear on the Account View page in Webcat. The payment plan carries an enrollment fee of $60 for each semester you enroll in the plan.

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Tuition Assistance from Your Employer

More than 50% of employers offer undergraduate tuition assistance. These programs vary from organization to organization: some companies offer reimbursement for a certain amount of courses each year, while others set a cap on the dollar amount that’s eligible for reimbursement. Ask the human resources department where you work to learn more about your company’s policy.

The UNH College of Professional Studies has partnerships with several employers across the region. If you work for these organizations, you may be eligible for additional tuition cost savings.

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Military Benefits

Military Benefits

Federal Tuition Assistance, VA GI Bill® Benefits, VA Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits, NH National Guard Waiver

Servicemembers and veterans have several education benefits programs that can help fund your college education. Your status and branch of service will determine what benefits you can use. Spouses and dependents of servicemembers and veterans may also be eligible for education benefits.

Our Military and Veterans Benefits Coordinator can answer any college-related benefit questions.

Military Benefits


Tuition Waivers and Discounts

We offer several tuition waivers and discount programs that help defray the cost of tuition for specific populations of students at Granite State College. Examples include: police, fire, and public service personnel, CCSNH nursing alumni, and undergraduate alumni seeking master’s degrees.

Tuition Waivers & Discounts

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Scholarships and Grants

The UNH College of Professional Studies has select scholarship opportunities. You may also search for outside scholarships (scholarships not affiliated with a particular college) to help fund your education.

Scholarships and Grants

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Financial Aid

Over 60% of our students use federal financial aid (loans, grants, or scholarships). For some, financial aid award may cover your entire cost of your tuition and fees. For others, the award is less than the bill and you’ll need to make payment arrangements to cover the balance. It’s important to only borrow what you need. If you are able to make out-of-pocket payments toward your tuition, we can adjust your financial aid award accordingly and help reduce your student loans.

Financial Aid

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Private Loans

Private loans or alternative loans are non-federal loans that students may use to help fund the cost of their education. Private loans are credit-based and may have fixed interest rates or variable interest rates (meaning the rate can increase over time).

Private Loans