Add/Drop/Withdraw From a Course

Changes to Your Course Registration

Once you register, you may change your registration (add/drop) according to the deadlines in our Academic Calendar. We encourage you to consult with your academic advisor before adding or dropping courses—they may have helpful advice about course availability in future terms or tell you more about certain financial aid considerations related to changes in your registration.

Tuition and fees are 100% refundable if a student drops a course according to the following guidelines:

Adding Courses

  • Students may register for 8-week courses during the official Add Period, which is one week after the course start date.
  • Students may drop courses during the official Drop Period, which is two weeks after the course start date.
  • Contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office for assistance.


Students who remain registered after the official Drop Period are financially responsible for all tuition and fees. Officially dropped courses are not recorded on transcripts. Failure to officially drop will result in an AF grade (administrative failure), which is maintained on the official student record and included in the grade point average (GPA). An AF may also result in an unpaid account balance due to UNH CPS if federal financial aid has been received.


Add/Drop Courses

Add or drop a course via Webcat through the published deadlines posted on the Master Academic Calendar. You may also reach out to your academic advisor who can assist with registration.

  1. Go to and login. For login assistance call (603) 862-4242
  2. Select Webcat
  3. Select Registration
  4. Select Add/Drop Courses
  5. Select Term (ex: Fall 2020) and Submit
  6. Enter the five digit course reference numbers (CRN) at the bottom of the page, or select Class Search
  7. Select Submit Changes

For a printout of your schedule; go to Student Detail Schedule and choose Printable View.


Withdrawing from Courses

A withdrawal is a change in registration after the official add/drop deadline. A Withdrawal (W) will be noted on a transcript indicating that an individual did not complete the course. To withdraw from a course during the official withdrawal period, complete the Course Withdrawal Form. If the form is closed, then the withdrawal period for the term has closed. Please contact your academic advisor for assistance.

The date of official withdrawal is the day that the completed form is received by UNH CPS. There is NO refund of tuition or fees for withdrawals (financial aid recipients please refer to the Tuition Refund Policies). If a student is receiving financial aid, (grants and/or loans), review how withdrawing will affect your aid. The withdrawal may create a balance due to the College. Failure to officially withdraw will result in an AF grade, which is maintained on the official student record and included in the grade point average (GPA). Not attending classes does not constitute an automatic withdrawal.

Withdrawal Form