Online Flexibility


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Designed to help working adults finish their degrees

At the UNH College of Professional Studies, our flexible online courses are designed to help working adults like you finish their degrees while balancing work and life. Our students balance parenthood, military service, demanding jobs, and much more. We also offer select face-to-face, blended, and hybrid courses.


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"Online classes prepared me to work effectively in a remote world. As I was taking my classes online, I was helping my  employer shift to a 100% remote environment."


Courtney Military Grad

"The online flexibility is amazing. I could go through my workday, focus on my career, come home and focus on my kids, and then do my coursework in the evening."


Student Success Resources

We compiled some of our favorite blog posts focused on online flexibility to inspire you and help you develop the plan that works best for your busy schedule.


Online Programs by State

If you live outside New Hampshire, please review our Online Programs by State to see if our online degrees are approved in your state.

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