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Add a Minor to Your Online Bachelor’s Degree

As you fine-tune your academic and career plans, consider how earning a minor can support your goals.

Enhance your skill set as part of your degree program in a way that can set you ahead in your career. Consider a minor designed to provide the option of an additional area of specialization that complements but does not overlap with your bachelor’s degree program. All minors consist of five courses that align with a specific topic or content area.

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Adds Versatility to Your Education

Selecting a minor can give you a competitive edge in the job market by demonstrating your proficiency in multiple areas.

For example, choosing a minor in Leadership, Management, Nonprofit Management, Health Care Management, or Human Resources Management can help you demonstrate your leadership skills.



Tailor your Education Toward Your Goals

If you'd like to work in a specific industry or niche, choosing a minor can help align your education with your desired career pathway.

For example, a Marketing major could choose to minor in Data Analytics to prepare for a role where they study data to evaluate the performance of marketing activities. 



Expands Your Opportunities

Adding a minor can be an opportunity to develop a specific set of skills that can add value to your primary program of study.

For example, a Health and Wellness major could choose to minor in Entrepreneurship if they're interested in starting their own business. Or a Criminal Justice major could minor in Counseling Foundations to help them navigate tough conversations.