Grievance Policy and Procedures


A grievance is defined by the UNH College of Professional Studies as a formal complaint made by a student arising from an issue that falls outside established dispute resolution procedures outlined in the College catalogs and/ or handbooks (e.g. academic and conduct matters). Generally, a grievance concerns instances where a student feels that a College policy has been applied unfairly, incorrectly, or unreasonably.

If no established dispute resolution procedure is available, the student must make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter before initiating a grievance. If the dispute remains unresolved, the student may initiate a grievance hearing by submitting a written request to the Senior Director of Advising & Student Engagement (email is acceptable).

A grievance hearing committee consisting of personnel with no previous involvement in the matter will be formed and chaired by the director or designee, who will serve as a non-voting member. Should the grievance concern the director, the committee will be chaired by another member of the Student Conduct Team.

The decision of the committee will be by majority vote and is final. The decision will be communicated to the student by the Senior Director of Advising & Student Engagement, or by the chair of the committee if the grievance involves the director.

Last Modified on 5/4/2023



Questions regarding the Statement, or any specific rights or responsibilities, should be directed to Nicole Horne, Senior Director of Advising & Student Engagement at

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