Financial Aid Disbursements & eRefunds

Federal financial aid funds will typically disburse to your student account after the last date to add your courses. After your funds are disbursed (credited) to pay current charges, any eligible credit balance will be refunded to you via check or direct deposit within 14 days.

If you are expecting payments to your account from other sources (Veterans, Military, employer benefits, Americorps, other outside scholarships, etc.) which create a credit/refund, the refund will not be processed until all payments are received. Payments in a “pending” status in Webcat have not been received, therefore a refund will not be processed.

Once your account is reviewed for a refund, the Student Accounts Office will create a refund transaction on your account that is viewable in Webcat.

If you are expecting financial aid and it is not reflected on your account, please call the Office of Financial Aid at (603) 513-1392.

For questions related to all other payments, please call the Student Accounts Office at (603) 513-1330.

Receiving Your Refund

When Will I Receive a Refund of My Credit Balance?

Refund dates are reflected in our Academic Calendar, including Advanced Refunds of Federal Financial to Obtain Books and Supplies.

Checks – Refund checks are mailed on Tuesday for all refunds processed in the prior week.

Direct Deposit - If your refund is dated on a Monday or Tuesday, the direct deposit should arrive at your bank by Friday. Refunds with a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday date should arrive at your bank the following Wednesday.

Holidays and closures may delay the refunding process.

After the initial disbursement of funds for the term, the Student Accounts Office continues to review accounts on a weekly basis to process credits and refunds. Please remember: courses that start later in the term may be processed differently and may impact when financial aid is disbursed to your account.

Direct Deposit

To receive your refund as an electronic deposit to your bank savings or checking account, simply:

  • Sign in to Webcat
  • Select Student Accounts
  • Click on Account Summary by Term/Refund and Direct Deposit Information and then Request Direct Deposit Refund to provide your banking information.
  • When your account for the term is paid in full, and if you're eligible for a refund, we will process it directly to your bank.

If you do not opt to receive your refund via direct deposit, a check will be mailed to your permanent mailing address listed in Webcat. Please be sure to review the address and update if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sign in to WebCat
  • Select Student Accounts
  • Click on Account Summary by Term/Refund and Direct Deposit Information then Request Direct Deposit Refund to provide your updated banking information.
  • Your account will be updated immediately with the new information.

You will only need to enter your banking information once. If your banking information changes, you can easily make updates in Webcat

Please email or call (603) 513-1330. You will need to complete an Opt Out form.

Yes. If you don’t wish to receive your refund electronically, a paper check will be issued to you at the permanent mailing address we have on file in our database. If your refund is coded to your account on a Monday, the refund will not mail out until the next week.

If after the second attempt the electronic transfer of funds rejects, we will contact you and request that you update your banking information in WebCat If we are unable to reach you, a check will be issued to the address we have on file for you in our database.

No. All funds will either be sent by electronic funds transfer or paper check. It cannot be split.

No, only one checking or one savings account number can be kept on file for you at the College. Any changes that you make to your banking information in WebCat will overwrite the previous information that was entered.

Yes. The banking information will need to be entered into WebCat in order for you to receive your student refund electronically.