Human Participants & IRB Guidelines

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Human Participants / IRB

Interviews, surveys, observations, and experimentations are excellent research techniques that will enhance your projects. However, because these techniques use “human participants,” your research will be examined by the College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

For Students and Faculty

All research involving human participants (e.g. surveys, interviews, etc.) must be screened and approved before researchers begin collecting data. Please click the link to download the Human Research Checklist.   


The UNH College of Professional Studies is committed to the protection of the rights and welfare of the participants in research investigations conducted under the jurisdiction of UNH CPS. UNH CPS believes that review independent of the investigator is necessary to safeguard the rights and welfare of human participants. All research involving human participants is conducted in accordance with federal regulations, including Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 46 (45 CFR 46). The Human Research Checklist must be completed and submitted as indicated in the Checklist. This applies to any student, faculty, or staff who conducts research with human participants under the auspices of UNH CPS. 

For Students and Faculty

Submit the Human Research Checklist, signed by you and your instructor, to

Complete the UNH web-based training on human subjects' protections. The training expires three years from the date of completion. The training module takes approximately 30 minutes. Individuals who certify their completion of the module at the end will receive an email that is the documentation/certification of completion.  

For External Researchers

Contact the UNH IRB at

Procedures, Obligations, and Responsibilities of Researchers

  1. Research investigators acknowledge and accept their responsibility for protecting the rights and welfare of human participants and for complying with all applicable UNH IRB policies. 

  2. Research investigators who intend to involve human participants will not make the final determination of exemption from review. 

  3. Research investigators are responsible for providing a copy of the informed consent document to each participant at the time of consent. 

  4. Research investigators will promptly report proposed changes in previously approved human participant research activities to their instructor. If the research investigator is not a student, changes will be reported to the Office of Academic Affairs. 

  5. Research investigators will promptly report to their instructor or to the Office of Academic Affairs any injuries or other unanticipated problems involving risks to participants and others. 

Resources from UNH Research Integrity Services