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Former Granite State College Students: New for Summer Term!

You’ll soon notice many positive changes associated with the merger of Granite State College and University of New Hampshire in fulfillment of our goal. The purpose of the merger is to combine the online expertise of Granite State College together with the reputation and brand strength of UNH.

We’re on our way to full integration by July 1, 2023.

While new students admitted for Summer Term will find our website provides most of what is needed to navigate UNH systems and processes, former Granite State College students may find they still need resources formerly associated with GSC accounts, etc.

Here is a list of highlighted changes to be aware of as Summer Term registration and courses begin:

Effective for Summer Session 2023, courses at the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate level will primarily be offered in an 8-week format. Some capstone courses will be offered in the 16-week format during fall and spring semesters.

There will be two 8-week terms within Fall Semester (Term 1 & Term 2).

There will be two 8-week terms within Spring Semester (Term 3 & 4).

There will be one 8-week Summer Session (Term 5).

Please see the chart below.

UNH College of Professional Studies (Beginning Summer 2023)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Session
Term 1 (8 weeks) Term 3 (8 weeks) Term 5 (8 weeks)
Term 2 (8 weeks) Term 4 (8 weeks) N/A


How will this calendar change impact me?

Most courses will be offered in an 8-week format, instead of the current 12-week format. This means that course content will be delivered in a more compact timeframe, so you can better pace progress toward your degree. It is important to note that you will need to allocate more time to accomplish the requirements of the course in 8 weeks, versus 12 weeks. The 6-week format will no longer be available.

We know that your schedule outside of your courses may include working full time, family responsibilities, and military service or community activities. We also know that careful planning for all aspects of your life as a student can help you balance other obligations. Today, you are reminded to register continuously, up to seven times per year, which can be disruptive. Going forward, your advisor will encourage you to register at the same time for both the first 8-week term and second 8-week term within the 16-week semester.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your degree, ensure your eligibility for financial aid, or coordinate life outside of your courses, this semester-based planning will help you have peace of mind and confidence in what’s next on the path to graduation.

Will the new college still have an “open” admission policy for undergraduate students?

Yes. Admission requirements for the online division at the undergraduate level will remain unchanged. Admission is granted to students who earned a high school diploma, completed a high school education in a homeschool setting under state law, or demonstrate high school equivalency.

Will Granite State College undergraduate, PBTC, or graduate students need to re-apply to UNH after the merger?

For undergraduate and PBTC applicants, your admission status to your current program within Granite State College continues under UNH College of Professional Studies.

As we've recently launched a new graduate admission application in partnership with UNH Grad School, some graduate applicants may be required to utilize the new app. If you have questions about your application state, please contact:

UNH Graduate School

P: 603.862.3000

Will UNH College of Professional Studies graduate programs require admission testing?

Many UNH graduate programs require applicants to submit GRE, GMAT, PRAXIS, LSAT, or other admission examination scores. UNH College of Professional Studies will not require admission examination scores.

Will the college remain transfer friendly for undergraduates?

Yes. We will continue to accept up to 90 credits in transfer for our undergraduate programs whether in college credit and/or from other prior learning assessment (ex. military training, professional certification, etc.) We will continue to waive general education requirements for students with earned associate degrees.

Will I still be able to complete my degree program 100% online?

Yes. Canvas will continue to be our learning management system.

What institution will be on my diploma?

Students currently enrolled at Granite State College and completing their degree requirements by June 2023, will receive Granite State College diplomas. Students graduating after June 2023 will receive University of New Hampshire diplomas.

Will I be able to request a UNH diploma if I graduated prior to July 1, 2023?

Students who graduate prior to July 1, 2023 will not be able to request a University of New Hampshire diploma. Diplomas awarded before July 1, 2023 were awarded by Granite State College when it was a separate and independent institution from UNH.

Will I need to request to have my credits earned at Granite State College “transferred” to UNH College of Professional Studies for my current program?

No. As a current Granite State College student, your credits earned at Granite State College will be applied to your program under UNH College of Professional Studies.

Will the degree program requirements change after June 30, 2023?

Degree requirements will not change. Students will complete the degrees into which they enrolled.

Will I have the same advisor?

Yes. Our dedicated academic advisors who are particularly skilled in supporting adult, online learners, will continue to advise their students and help facilitate support as needed.

Will we lose any support services? Will we have access to new services?

Student support services will only expand as a result of this merger.

  • Students and alumni will have access to additional career services support, including Handshake, the leading career platform that connects students and alumni with employers.
  • As students of the UNH College of Professional Studies, all Granite State College students will have access to the UNH-Manchester library which connects students to millions of research-quality articles, e-books, and much more online. Local students are welcomed into the physical library which offers research assistance and study spaces.
  • UNH-Manchester’s Veterans’ Lounge provides a space where the military and veteran community can gather. Additionally, it hosts a recognized chapter of the Student Veterans of America and SALUTE, a veterans national honor society for eligible students.

How will this merger impact tuition and fees?

Within the UNH College of Professional Studies, there will be two divisions: UNH CPS Online and the UNH-Manchester division. Each division will charge tuition and fees comparable with the tuition and fee rates charged by each institution currently.

In keeping with the public mission of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) to provide accessible, quality, and affordable higher-education opportunities for New Hampshire families, the USNH Board of Trustees has voted to freeze in-state undergraduate tuition for the last four years. While our course charges, fees, and regulations are subject to approval by the Board and can change, it is our goal to remain among the most affordable bachelor’s and master’s degrees in New Hampshire and New England.

Will I qualify for financial aid?

Federal, state and/or institutional financial aid is available to all qualifying degree-seeking students, as well as eligible post-baccalaureate and graduate students. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), be admitted to an eligible program, and be attending at least half-time to receive aid.

Undergraduate and PBTC students will need to register for six credits within a 16-week semester to be considered half time. Twelve credits within a 16-week semester will be considered full time.

Graduate students will need to register for five credits within a 16-week semester to be considered half time. As most courses are three credits each, this likely means registering for two courses. Nine credits within a 16-week semester will be considered full time.

Will it be possible to take one course at a time and still qualify for financial aid?

Yes, many current students opt to focus on one course at a time.

You will be eligible for financial aid as long as you register for two courses (at least six credits for undergraduate and PBTC students and at least five credits for graduate students) within the 16-week semester.

For example, for Fall Semester you could register for one 8-week course in Term 1 and one 8-week course in Term 2.

If you prefer not to take a course in both Term 1 & 2, but still require financial aid, you could opt to take two courses in Term 1 and still be eligible.

Important Note About Summer Session

Summer Session is an exception. Students will need to take two courses at a time (at least six credits for undergraduate and PBTC students and at least five credits for graduate students) to be eligible for financial aid, as there is only one 8-week term offered in the summer. This is effective beginning with Summer Session 2023.

Twelve credits within Summer Session will be considered full time for undergraduate and PBTC students.

Nine credits within Summer Session will be considered full time for graduate students.

Student Type Summer Session
Term 5 (8 weeks)
Fall Semester
Term 1 (8 weeks)
Term 2 (8 weeks)
Spring Semester
Term 3 (8 weeks)
Term 4 (8 weeks)
Undergrad & PBTC 6 Credits= Half-time FA Eligibility
12 Credits= Full-time FA Eligibility
6 Credits= Half-time FA Eligibility
12 Credits= Full-time FA Eligibility
6 Credits= Half-time FA Eligibility
12 Credits= Full-time FA Eligibility
Graduate 5 Credits= Half-time FA Eligibility
9 Credits= Full-time FA Eligibility
5 Credits= Half-time FA Eligibility
9 Credits= Full-time FA Eligibility
5 Credits= Half-time FA Eligibility
9 Credits= Full-time FA Eligibility

Will partnership agreements with tuition discounts continue to be honored?

Yes. Our employer-partnerships are essential to our mission to support adult students seeking career-focused and relevant degree programs. Each year the agreements are revisited for updates from the college and the partner organizations. While the details of the agreements may change, is our intention to continue to offer tuition discounts to employer partners. The discount will not extend to other offerings within UNH at this time.

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Transition from GSC Discovery Service to the UNH Manchester Library

During the 2023 Spring Term, enrolled students will continue to receive expert support from our librarian as well as 24/7 support through the GSC Discovery Service.

During the 2023 Summer Term, students will transition to using shared virtual and on-campus library resources with the UNH Manchester Library. Our librarian will be part of an integrated team of librarians to support your research needs in addition to 24/7 online support.

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UNH Transition Navigator for Systems and Processes

The Merger Project Management Team has assembled a Sharepoint site, accessible to all, for more specific questions about processes and systems tailored to different members of the GSC community during this time of transition (April - September) when, depending on the need, users may need to access the GSC version of a system or the UNH version. 

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